New Device Eliminates Drudgery of Ironing

Revolutionary Invention Removes Wrinkles in Clothes using a Hot Air Balloon and a Hair Dryer

An Irish inventor has devised a new way to quickly de-wrinkle any kind of shirt or top without an iron or ironing board.
Tony Kelly is from Drumcondra in Dublin. He’s also the original inventor of the Street View system, the popular mapping service now operated by Google.

His new appliance is called the Vapper Smoother. It will completely de wrinkle a t-shirt in 30 seconds.

It works by placing a special torso shaped balloon inside a garment. The balloon is inflated using a standard hair dryer. Hot air is pushed out and instantly relaxes the fabric. The wrinkles just smooth away automatically.

The Vapper idea came about after Tony needed to quickly dry his kid’s school jumpers. He realised there was no way of drying them fast enough. He tried using a hair dryer, but could see that most of the air was just bouncing off. He also noticed that while drying, the wrinkles in the jumpers just disappeared.
His eureka moment came months time later. He was in a factory that manufactures air beds. He realised if he inflated a balloon with tiny holes inside the clothes he could control the heat and air.

Over the last 18 months the Vapper was designed and developed. The result is a new way to get rid of wrinkles in clothes. The Vapper is faster, and easier to use than an iron. It will smooth out clothes like silk and cashmere, garments you could never put near a hot iron.

Now available to the public at for €49.
The Vapper is a versatile accessory when travelling. Especially for clothes that get crumpled in a suitcase.
The Vapper Smoother weighs only 250 grams and rolls up like a magazine.
Around the home the Vapper can be used to smooth out crumpled clothes in a flash. It will even remove any odours in the fabric in seconds.

Contact Name
Mr. Tony Kelly

90 Grace Park Meadows
Drumcondra Dublin 9.

Tel: +353 (0) 1 4434433
Mobile: +353 (0) 833789979

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