9 TDs Demand Accurate Reporting of Registration Figures

The 9 TDs supporting the Boycott of the Household Tax today demand that the
Agency responsible for collecting the Household Tax and Media report
strictly accurate figures relating to the total numbers of households and
this should include an account of those:

a) required to register b) numbers registered and c) numbers paid.

In recent days there is widespread manipulation of figures to make the
Government position look a little less dreadful.

The baseline figure for registration is 1.8 million NOT the 1.6 million
which is being used in the last few days. Therefore as of last night the
numbers recorded (482,000) as having registered is 27 % of the 1.8 million.
This leaves more than 1.3 million who have not registered or 73%.

Keep Up The Boycott:

We urge the ordinary people all over the country to keep up the huge
Boycott of the Household Tax which is their rejection, not just of a new
tier of taxation which will quickly go to €1,000 but of the disastrous
policy of Austerity which is wrecking our society.

Support for Protest March to Fine Gael Ard Fheis this Saturday Starting
at the Garden of Remembrance at 1.00PM

We fully support the demonstration on Saturday and believe that a major,
well disciplined and peaceful demonstration of people power will be further
evidence of the strength of the Campaign. We call on all those who support
the Campaign to attend with their families for a genuine show of the real
feelings of the majority of ordinary people in this country.

We now demand that the Government withdraw the Household Tax forthwith and
cease bullying the decent majority of our people who have financed this
State for decades while rich elites cheated.

Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan TD, Mick Wallace TD, John Halligan TD, Thomas Pringle,
Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Seamus Healy TD, Joan Collins TD, Clare Daly TD,
Joe Higgins TD.
For information: Ruth Coppinger 087 6730187; John Lyons 087 7729292.

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