Activists from all counties to gather in capital for anti – home tax Rally

With just a week to go to the government’s registration deadline, buses
from every county will travel to the capital for a major Rally against the
Household Tax tomorrow (Saturday).

With the government reeling over low registration figures and revelations
of corruption between business and politicians, the Campaign believes
momentum is on its side.

“The Campaign is becoming known in every town in Ireland, as verified by
Minister O’Dowd on national radio,” said Ruth Coppinger of the CAHWT. “This
Rally will send a message nationwide that we are now over one million
strong and that the non-registration movement can defeat this tax if we
reject the fear-mongering and resolve to stay united.”

“The political class behind the home tax have shown their unfitness to
lecture anyone about law-breaking. They threaten ordinary people with fines
and summonses but were up to their necks in bribery and corruption.”

“Members of the public are welcome to attend the Rally at 1pm and hear how
activists from all around the country plan to fight this inequitable tax.”

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