Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes (CAHWT) – Parties behind home tax exposed as corrupt

“The political parties backing the Household Tax have been exposed as utterly corrupt and self-serving in the Mahon Report today. This Report will further deter thousands of people from paying the Household Tax as they see laid bare the bribery and corruption which lay behind the property bubble,” said Ruth Coppinger of the Campaign Against the Household & Water Taxes (CAHWT).
“Fianna Fail signed off on this Tax with the EU/IMF and have been shown today to have absolutely no credibility to talk about complying with the law. Fine Gael also had councillors on the take from developers, ” said Ruth Coppinger. “This fuelled over-priced property and massive speculation and led to the crashing of the economy with four years of enforced austerity.”
“Any householder reading the news today should refuse to register for this austerity tax. Not one of the culprits have been brought to court yet ordinary people are being threatened by the government with summonses over €100.”
“We call on the public to attend the CAHWT national rally in the National Stadium, Dublin,  on Saturday at 1pm as a show of defiance to the gangsters who have landed the country in this mess.”

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