Idle threats over house tax registration

Reports in the media that the government will use ESB data to identify those taking part in the mass boycott of the Household Tax show desperation by the government. Threats to deduct the money from people are similarly groundless.

“The attempts to trawl around for this information prove the government will not be able to get people to voluntarily register for this tax. Having a name on a utility bill does not prove someone is a homeowner. Use of such data could leave the government or companies open to legal challenge under data protection. There are also various utility suppliers,” said Gregor Kerr from the CAHWT.

“The Campaign reiterates that hundreds of thousands not registering and choosing not to voluntarily give the information is what will make this tax uncollectable. The prospect of one million not registering is now entirely possible.”

Cllr Ruth Coppinger of CAHWT added: “No legislation exists to allow the government to deduct fines from anyone. There are constitutional difficulties in introducing such laws, as confirmed by the Taoiseach himself. ”

“Even if such laws were to be introduced, they would only relate to fines imposed by a judge after the person was summonsed and found guilty in court. Again, this is not realistic if hundreds of thousands don’t register.

“The Campaign invites any non-payers to attend its National Rally & Assembly in the National Stadium in Dublin on Saturday March 24th to discuss this further.”

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