Irish app development company releases free Irish Driving Theory Test app

Passing the Irish Driver Theory Test is a necessary hurdle to overcome for anyone looking for an Irish driving license. It can also be an expensive hurdle. The official book and CD can set you back nearly €33. But not anymore as Ennis based have released an Android app with all the questions you need to study plus mock exams in all 4 categories. Best of all, it’s 100% free! Reviews so far have been nearly unanimously positive. There are plans to port to iPhone if the demand is there. You can download the app and get more details at are a new startup that have been operating for about 6 months. The company is based in Ennis, Clare and employs two people full-time with many more part-time. Most of their work is developing apps for client companies such as the Irish Farmers Association, RTÉ and Renault. As the name suggests, they concentrate on the Android platform but also develop a lot on iPhone as it’s where most of the demand is.

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