Home tax boycotters won’t be bullied by letters

‘A million people can’t be taken  to court,’ says Campaign

The government has ordered local councils and the LGMA to send  warning letters to non- payers of the household tax in an attempt to panic people and break the  boycott. Responding to the news, Cllr Ruth Coppinger of the CAHWT said:

“We say to the more than one million people taking part in the biggest boycott in over a century not to be bullied. The majority of home-owners – 52% – have not registered, a historic level of civil disobedience. One million people can’t be brought to court.”

“CAHWT will organise local meetings as the letters are distributed more widely in communities. These letters are not summonses, but should court cases be taken in the future,  they will be met with massive protests and political pressure on the parties responsible. Nobody would attend court alone or without support from the Campaign.”
“The data from  ESB or social welfare doesn’t prove you own a home. The indisputable proof of ownership is registration itself. That is why we won’t register and help the government compile the database they need to impose home taxes.”

“People are taking this stance as they know the  household tax is the first in a series. The Sunday Business Post has speculated about a water charge for an average family of  €570, and a property tax of €500. Low and middle income earners have been crucified in the last four years and can’t take anymore. We have to stay united and keep up the boycott.”

“With over half refusing to register, this is our best chance to strike a blow against austerity policies which are wrecking the economy. This has shaken the government like no other issue.”

John Lyons added: “We urge all those struggling against the effects of Fine Gael and Labour’s austerity programme to join the anti-austerity protest march to the Dail on Wednesday 18 July. We need to let this government of the rich know that we will no longer tolerate paying for a crisis not our our making.”

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