Public Happy to blame Troika for Analogue TV Black Out !

A new survey by on attitudes to the  imminent Analogue TV switch off have found that over 40% of Consumers indicated they would  blame the Troika if they are left with blank TV screens on October 24th . The online survey found that blaming ‘the Troika’ was the second most popular option among the public.  David Maher of explains “though clearly the survey was somewhat tongue in cheek, a large section of the public appear to view the costs associated with the launch of Saorview as yet another austerity measure. Evidently this is an illogical assumption yet the perception is there. Many in the public seem content to allocate blame rather than take action to prepare for the new Saorview service”.

In the survey the most popular way to plan for the analogue switch off was to buy a receiver with over 75% of respondents intending to buy a combo (offering Free UK channels) TV receiver.  Maher reveals “Many customers seem to be using the analogue switchover as an opportunity, not only to receive the new Saorview service, but to also add  on the Free UK satellite channels. The  combo receivers are  outselling the Saorview only set- top boxes by a factor of 3 : 1”.  The flipside of the survey result is that around 25% of those affected by the analogue switch off plan to take no action. This means there will be many current analogue TV viewers left with a blank screen come the 24th of October.

Other popular options detailed in the survey  for what to do when the lights go out include spending time with the family (29%), going to the pub (35%) or indeed using the five days interval to train for the Dublin City Marathon.

 Full details of the survey results can be found on

Guidance and information on the purchase and installation of the Saorview set-top box is available online at

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