Sky Subscribers are joining the Free Digital TV Revolution

October 24th is a virtual D Day as the analogue TV signal in Ireland is due to be turned off on this date. RTE have recently launched an advertising campaign to compare the long term costing of Saorview against the subscription satellite prices from Sky and UPC. The experts at have expanded on this price comparison to explain the options available for the imminent change over.

“We have seen a huge surge in the number of customers who are using the digital switch over as an opportunity to dump subscription TV and go for Free-To-Air systems” explains David Maher of “Part of the appeal of Sky TV is the HD picture quality; however customers are finding that the free HD channels easily match the quality of those of Sky. Many customers are also surprised to discover that when they end their Sky subscription, they can buy UK & Irish combo receivers and watch over 120 channels (including BBC HD, ITV HD, Channel 4) using their old sky dish.” can reveal that the sales for the Irish channels only Saorview set-top boxes are currently around 25% whilst the remaining 75% of the market is made up of UK and Irish combo receivers. “Very few of the customers buying combo receivers are buying satellite dishes; which means they must be using the existing Sky dish on their house. It is quite ironic that Sky’s one million plus dishes in Ireland are playing such a central role in the success of the Free Digital TV changeover.” Maher discloses. When asked why customers were choosing combo receivers, he explains “It all comes down to cost and choice. Most Saorview boxes retail for around €60 and offer only 8 channels, while a UK & Irish combo receiver (offering over 120 channels) costs less than €100 delivered to your door. While many customers are adding these boxes to extra rooms in the house, quite a high proportion are simply getting rid of Sky”

Guidance and information on the purchase and installation of Saorview set-top boxes and combo receivers is available online at

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