IFA Seek Full Payout of All Direct Payments

IFA Deputy President Eddie Downey welcomed the payout of €530m in Single Farm Payment to 107,000 farmers this week saying “this will provide a much-needed boost to cashflow in this extremely difficult year with both severe incomes and weather difficulties”.


Eddie Downey said Minister Coveney must insist that all outstanding cases held up because of inspections, digitisation and maps and other issues are processed and paid out without any further delay.


The IFA Deputy President said farmers should check their bank accounts this week to see if the SFP payment has arrived.  “If the payment has not been made, they should make contact with the Department of Agriculture to ascertain what the problem is and take immediate action to resolve the issues.”


Eddie Downey said 78,000 have received Disadvantaged Area payments amounting to €171m over the last 3 weeks.  He said it is vital all outstanding cases are made, including those who have qualified under the stocking rate derogation criteria.


The IFA Deputy President also called on Minister Coveney to commence payments of REPS4 and AEOS 1 & 2 payments worth €170m to 45,000 farmers.


Eddie Downey said through the IFA direct payment service, the IFA is available to assist farmers in getting problems resolved and payments made.

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