INMO Calls on Mmembers to Protest Against Austerity in the Helath Service

Liam Doran, General Secretary of the country’s largest Nurse and Midwife Union, the INMO, today called on his members to come out on the streets to protest against further cuts in health services.


In a circular letter to representatives Mr Doran, said INMO members, more than anyone else, know the impact of health cuts on patient care.  “The HSE Annual Report 2011 confirmed that 8,379 people had left the health service since September 2007 and their July Performance Report confirmed a further 2,398 nurses and midwives left in the first seven months of this year.  In spite of this, hospital activity is up 10% with a cut of 11% in budget.  In-patient discharges are up by 25,000; day cases up by 26,000 and emergency admissions are running 14,000 above target” said Mr Doran, who went on to ask “how much more are nurses and midwives expected to take in the name of austerity?”.


The INMO issued a poster calling on members to join the Dublin Council of Trade Unions March and Rally on Saturday, November 24th, commencing from the Garden of Remembrance on Parnell Square, Dublin at 1.00p.m. (Poster available from Ann Keating or on the INMO website



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