INMO to Participate in Croke Park Extension Talks – Existing rates of pay not up for review

The Executive Council of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) has decided to participate in the discussions on a possible extension to the existing Croke Park agreement, following the invitation from Government.


This decision was taken following a detailed review of both the Government’s recent statements on further swifter public service reform, and the health service action plan, for 2013, recently finalised by the Department of Health and submitted for implementation under the Croke Park Agreement.


The INMO Executive Council has again reiterated its view that it is simply not possible to maintain and deliver a safe health service, in 2013, in the context of a further €900 million reduction in financial allocation and a further loss of 3,500 posts over the next year.


Against this core principle the INMO’s position, and approach, to the forthcoming negotiations can be summarised as follows:


  1. The INMO will participate in the forthcoming process with the key objectives of  ensuring safe care to patients, protecting frontline services and maintaining members’ income;


  1. The INMO will not agree to any reduction of existing rates of pay, either in the form of incremental scales, allowances or premiums as part of this process;


  1. The INMO will be asking all other Organisations in the 24/7 Alliance, when it meets next Monday, to adopt a collective approach for the purpose of defending the total income of all members, whatever their grade, group or category, who provide essential frontline public services on a 24/7 basis; and,


  1. The INMO, in the context of our policy on safe staffing, will be requiring that all existing staffing levels, in hospitals and community services across the country, are now independently risk assessed to ensure appropriate care is available to patients/clients leading to their restoration to good health in the shortest time possible.


In addition, the INMO will also, in preparing for these discussions, assess the implications for members, on their take home pay, arising from any and all budgetary measures to be announced tomorrow (Wednesday).


Speaking following today’s Executive Council meeting, INMO General Secretary, Liam Doran said:


“Our approach to the pending discussions emerged following a detailed review of the current state of our health services and the economic and financial pressures currently being faced by our members.


The INMO is determined, in partnership with our colleague unions and representative bodies, to continue to protect our members from any further attacks upon their very ordinary incomes. Some commentary, particularly in recent weeks, ignores the fact that public sector workers have already taken an average 14% cut in their pay in addition to the extra taxes and charges being paid by all workers across the economy.  It is simply not possible, or tenable, for anyone to suggest that nurses, midwives or other public servants can take a further reduction in their income, just because they are public servants, and at the same time pay their bills and look after their families.”


Mr Doran added “In the context of our health service, our Executive Council has decided that we must, when engaging in these discussions, continue to seek that our public health service provides safe care at all times.  In this regard we will be opposing any further contraction of services or uncontrolled reductions in staff.  We will insist that every service is constantly independently monitored and risk assessed to ensure an environment which allows nurses and midwives deliver safe care through safe practice.”




For further information contact:


Liam Doran, INMO General Secretary on:  087 2468532

Issued by Ann Keating, Media Relations Officer:  087 7987948

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