Credit Union Survey shows that hundreds of thousands will be compelled by poverty not to pay the property tax!

The latest Irish League of Credit Unions makes grim reading for anyone concerned with the state of our country. 1.6 million people are left to survive on €50 or less per month after their bills have been paid. Into this fragile glass the Government are determined to pour the boiling water of the proposed property tax.

‘If people are barely making ends meet now, then what hope have they when an extra €300 to €400 is taken out of their meagre income.’ said CAHWT spokesperson Gregor Kerr. ‘This, of course, is merely the starting point of the property tax, as the cost of this tax will rise over the years. The fact that this tax is being imposed on us in order to pay for the gambling losses of private banks simply adds fuel to the fire.’

‘The Credit Union survey makes clear that 40% of people know this new tax on the home will negatively impact them, hundreds of thousands will be compelled by poverty not to pay it. We urge those people to contact and join our campaign and help us to fight this bailout tax. Our recent conference, attended by activists from across the country, was notable for the militancy of those in attendance. Ordinary people in every county in Ireland want to fight this unjust tax, those 40% cited in the survey should know they are not alone. Contact the Campaign, if the people of this country join together we can beat this unjust tax’

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