IMF document a timely reminder that water tax will quickly follow property tax bringing us a step closer to €1,000 per year in unjust charges

Responding to the news that IMF documents reveal that the government has told the EU Commission that it expects to raise initially €0.5 billion from water charges Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes spokesperson Ruth Coppinger said:
“This document is a timely reminder to householders up and down the state that the water tax will quickly follow the property tax bringing us all a step closer to the €1,000 per year in unjust charges that our campaign has warned people of from the beginning.
“There is a financial imperative for people to resist these austerity taxes. Many households are going under as a result of the economic crash and the government’s response to the crisis which itself continues to worsen the situation. We won’t sit back and allow low and middle income people to be isolated and criminalised by bailout laws dressed up as property and water taxes”
Gregor Kerr on behalf of the campaign added:
“Our campaign, which has already succeeded in leading the biggest revolt against an unjust charge in almost a century in the form of the household tax will be preparing for the next phase of our struggle next Saturday at a national forum convened by the campaign in response to the passing of the property tax legislation.
“The CAHWT will soon have a strategy of meetings, protests, engagement with the ranks of the trade union movement as well as the production of publications and other resources to carry our message into every corner of the state and get people organised to resist.”

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