Thousands set to march tomorrow on Dublin Castle in a massive show of opposition to property tax and austerity

Ahead of tomorrow’s national demonstration against the property tax robbery, campaign activists and supporters greeted EU dignitaries and finance Ministers arriving at Dublin Castle with a banner advertising the weekend protest.
Paul Murphy MEP at Dublin Castle said:
“EU finance ministers looking out their car windows on the journey from Dublin Airport to the city centre will not fail to notice that the entire city has been festooned with campaign posters advertising tomorrow’s demonstration.
“Tomorrow is a golden opportunity to register not just with our government but the entire EU establishment who are united in their austerity agenda that deep opposition in this country to the property tax.
Campaign activist John Lyons added:
“Buses from around twenty locations around the state have been booked. Scores of well attended public meetings organised by our campaign have been organised or are about to take place massively expanding our campaign’s active base.
“The demonstration is part of a programme of local and national events geared towards organising the majority of Irish society who oppose this tax and exerting pressure on this government to force them to withdraw their threat of Revenue deductions in the same way that they had to withhold the threat of court action for non payment of the household charge despite it being in the legislation.”

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