Hypocrisy of double standard taxation system highlighted by Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes occupation of Revenue Office in O’Connell Street

Protesters chained to furniture in building

Less than a week before the deadline for registration for the property tax and the reality of industrial scale tax avoidance by prominent multinationals with the connivance of Ireland’s political and financial establishment has been laid bare.

The  CAHWT is currently conducting a peaceful occupation of the Revenue Commissioners office in O’Connell Street to highlight this fact.

The occupation began at mid-day and is expected to continue for some time. This event is part of a promised escalation of actions by those opposed to the so-called property tax, which is actually an attack on the family home. It comes just days before the final date for registration, with CAHWT calling on people to continue to refuse to register for, or pay the charge

Amongst those involved in the occupation is Bernie Hughes of the Finglas CAHWT :

“The so called property tax is unjust. It is just another attempt to make the ordinary citizen pay for the mistakes of the bankers and developers. Shame on the Government for continuing to squeeze every last cent out of workers, pensioners and those on social welfare. It is time for people to stand up and say ‘enough is enough’ and to refuse to register or pay.   ”

A number of the protesters  have chained themselves to furniture or fittings within the building

Amongst those is Chris Malendewicz from East Wall, who explains the personal reasons he is taking part today:

“I worked in the construction industry for years. When it collapsed and I was made redundant I went out and re-skilled. I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs at this stage and have found it impossible to get anything. I simply cannot afford to pay this charge, I just do not have the money and there are loads of people like me out there”

“I am against a charge like this on the family home. Even without the extra burden this tax represents I risk losing my home because I can’t find work. Even if I wanted to pay I simply can’t afford it and this is why I have been driven to take this sort of direct action, I am at the end of my tether.”

Describing today’s action as a ‘warning shot’, Cieran Perry from Cabra CAHWT has said such protests may intensify:

“It is important that protests like today’s take place and that a message is sent out that people are resisting. The government has used bully-boy tactics to try scare people into paying. Threats to use new powers to take money directly from wages, pensions and social welfare are still only threats; if the government attempts to implement this we are sure there will be a massive backlash from decent citizens.”

“At the same time as they are introducing draconian legislation to help bleed people dry the government are still facilitating international tax avoidance on an international scale. Recent news reports prove that as our living standards are still under attack that for the wealthy it’s business as usual”.

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