Revenue letters to property tax boycotters contrast with softly softly approach shown to multinationals and criminal bankers

Labour will pay dearly for overseeing money being taken from those least able to pay

Responding to the issuing of another tranche of letters by Revenue to PAYE workers threatening that their employer will be imminently instructed to deduct the property tax from their wages, Ruth Coppinger from the Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes said:
“The resoluteness demonstrated by the Revenue Commissioners in trying to take the Property Tax from myself and thousands of others who have boycotted the registration process contrasts to the softly softly approach shown by the establishment towards the tax dodging multinationals and the bankers who loaded us with debt.
“For example during the last week of the Dáil demands that the Executives of Google, Facebook and Starbucks in Ireland come before the Oireachtas Finance Committee and justify their tax avoidance practices which cost the exchequer here and in other countries millions was blocked by TDs from Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour.
“Likewise the fact that it took a journalist to expose the Anglo tapes that have been in Garda possession for four years shows a lack of resources and urgency to bring out the full truth about the circumstances leading to the disastrous decision by the previous government to load tax payers in this country with the banking debts, a decision stood over by this government.
“The government will pay a heavy political price for what they are doing to people. They are badly mistaken if they interpret the registration figures for the property tax as the willing consent of people. Some of us are still determined to force them to take it off us but the reality is that most paid through fear and because no fighting lead was given by the likes of the trade unions to prevent the imposition the tax. This fact is recognised by the Labour Party representatives who are steadily leaving the party in the sure knowledge that that party is finish.
“The hatred towards these party’s will only intensify when water meter installation begins, a process that will not go unchallenged by campaigner in many parts of the country in the weeks and months ahead.”

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