More awareness needed of retirement planning as new Retirement Planning Council website goes live

The Retirement Planning Council of Ireland has officially launched its new redeveloped and updated website this week. In the seven days since the launch traffic to the site has increased, allowing the Council to further engage with people planning for retirement.

The new website is designed to equip both employees and employers with the relevant information should they be considering investing in a retirement planning course. Founded in 1974, the Retirement Planning Council is a not-for-profit organization with the sole aim of helping those who wish to plan for retirement.

According to the Chairperson of the Retirement Planning Council Paul King; “people may not be planning effectively for their retirement and they need the support of their employers to do so. Preparing for the lifestyle changes as well as the financial implications of retirement is extremely important.  It can be something that employees may put on the long finger and later find themselves either isolated or with many unanswered questions. Responsible employers are starting to realise the importance of providing their staff with the tools to prepare adequately for retirement. A retirement preparation course with the Retirement Planning Council is the best lifelong retirement gift one can give their staff”.

Increasing awareness of retirement planning with Employers

Paul King speaking on the figures; “On-going research has shown that where employers have offered employees the opportunity to attend a Planning for Retirement Course with us, employees have derived great benefit from the expertise and advice that was offered to help them enjoy the years following cessation of formal employment. A key element to the Planning for Retirement Course is about lifestyle change planning. The fact that people are now living longer and healthier lives means that people’s time in retirement may be longer than the time spent in their career so that careful planning for retirement is even more essential than ever before.”

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