‘The Secret of the Mince Pies’ Collection of favourite recipes celebrate author’s late mother

Author Monica Haughey today announced a reprint of successful baking book ‘The Secret of the Mince Pies’, in which she has gathered together the favourite recipes of her late mother, Christina Haughey. From festive mince pies to fruity muffins and classic almond slices, Haughey compiled the simple, wholesome recipes from the memories, handwritten notes and scribbles of her mother, a renowned baker and cook.  Originally published in 2010, the book also provides detailed notes and tips on how to perfect the art of baking.


Recipes, DessertHaughey commented: “These recipes are all about easy, delicious food that’s good for the soul! My mother was a firm believer in the value of home cooked food and this book is the kitchen journal of a woman who knew how to cook – even when she didn’t have all the ingredients! Her baking always tasted delicious because the one thing my mother never forgot was love and time for her family and friends. This collection of recipes is testament to the philosophy that the good energy you put into preparing food transfers to the eating! I am delighted to be able to share the much-loved recipes of my childhood – these recipes have stood the test of time and many an eager taster!”


Haughey is also behind the recently launched Good Food Initiative, based in Ranelagh, Dublin. The organization aims to encourage people to learn more about sourcing and preparing food, and to develop their own expertise around its role in maintaining good health.


Haughey continued: “The Good Food Initiative is about bringing people and good food together. We are bombarded with conflicting information on a daily basis about food and our health. It can be very confusing and often makes people doubt their own ability to make good choices when it comes to food for their families. This new initiative is designed to support people in making better choices about the food they eat, where it is sourced and how to make healthy meals.”


Haughey is currently working on her second culinary book, entitled ‘The Secrets to Great Italian Cooking’ which will be published in early 2015. Both books are part of the Good Food Initiative brand. Please visit www.goodfoodinitiative.ie for more information.


‘The Secret of the Mince Pies’ has a recommended retail price of €12.99 and is available to purchase online at www.goodfoodinitiative.ie. Please visit the website for details on special introductory offers.



About the Author:

Monica Haughey, is a psychotherapist, mother, author, speaker and slow food enthusiast. She is an avid food blogger and also hosts cookery classes as part of the Good Food Initiative. She is a firm believer in health in the broadest sense and that good mental, physical and emotional health is linked to many things, including what we eat and how we eat.


Monica lives in Dublin but keeps a close connection to her native Creggan. Her first book Out of the Embers, a history of Creggan through its people, was published in 1987 in conjunction with Creggan Community Association. The Secret of the Mince Pies could also be seen as a history of Creggan – an edible history and story that revolves around good food, steaming kettles and kitchen chatter.

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