Ireland’s optimism picking up – Eurobarometer

Standard “Eurobarometer 82” opinion poll, Irish national report, with Professor Richard Sinnott and Dr Stephen Quinlan

The results of the latest Eurobarometer suggest that, after some negative years, a more optimistic view of the EU is resurfacing in Ireland.

Meanwhile, on the economy, while most people (60%) see the situation as ‘bad’, numbers saying this are well down on 12 months previously (81%).

MORE 53% of Irish people say they have a ‘positive’ image of the EU, up 12 points since spring 2014, and up 16 points on 2013. This is the highest number of Irish people saying this since 2009.

16% of Irish people say they have a ‘negative’ image of the EU, well down on the high watermark of 29% in 2012, while 29% say they have a ‘neutral’ view (with 2% ‘don’t knows’).

While a majority of Irish people (60%) still rate the current economic situation as ‘bad’, the numbers saying this one year ago were much larger. At that point in November 2013, 81% of Irish citizens considered the economy to be ‘bad’.

Overall, the latest findings tell us that confidence in the EU is re-emerging. Looking ahead, Irish feelings about the EU will probably continue to be closely linked to perceptions about economic performance.

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EB 82 Fieldwork was carried out in November 2014. Over 1000 Irish people were asked for their views.

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