€1.2 million for School Fruit Scheme in Ireland

Over €1.2 million for the School Fruit Scheme in Ireland for the 2015/2016 school year has been agreed by the European Commission today. This current round of funding is 75% financed by the EU and 25% financed by Ireland. The total funding for the scheme across 25 EU Member States is €150 million.

With a potential outreach to 12 million children across 25 Member States, these EU funds will be supplemented by national or private co-funding worth roughly 32 million EURO. Established in 2009, the scheme is aimed at reversing the trend of declining fruit and vegetables consumption by specifically addressing children.

In turn, higher fruit and vegetables consumption is also supporting efforts to establish healthier eating habits amongst school children. Nutrition plays an important role in combating health problems related to poor nutrition, such as child obesity.

Since 2014, the scheme also supports accompanying educational measures to explain the potential benefits. As in previous years, 25 Member States have decided to participate in the programme – with Sweden, Finland and United Kingdom opting out.

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