Financial advice to Irish Holidaymakers to Greece

The Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA), are advising holidaymakers to be prepared when travelling to Greece. The latest advice is that holidaymakers and visitors to Greece will have no problem accessing funds in so much as their own bank or credit card provider will allow. The cash restriction of withdrawing up to €60 per day is in place for Greek residents only.


However the financial situation in Greece is volatile and likely to change at short notice. Holidaymakers should be aware of the possibility that banking services – including credit card processing and servicing of ATMs could potentially become limited at short notice.


Pat Dawson, CEO of the ITAA, said, “We would advise anyone heading to Greece to take plenty of cash with them. Ensure you have more than one means of payment with you including cash and credit cards. At the very least make sure you have enough money to cover emergencies and any unforeseen circumstances. We would also encourage holidaymakers to take appropriate security precautions against theft.”


“We are advising holiday makers to be prepared and ensure that you budget carefully, taking enough cash to see you through your holiday. Once you arrive in Greece, use safes and deposit boxes to store cash and split money between family members so that no individual was carrying too much around with them.”


“By planning ahead, holidaymakers can have a worry-free holiday,” he continued.


If Greece does leave the euro zone, the euro will continue to be the country’s legal tender for some time to come.


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