Sewerage Blockages Causing Huge Distress

Seamus Healy TD has stated that Irish Water’s refusal to clean sewerage blockages is causing huge distress and
financial cuts to individuals and families across the County.
Prior to the establishment of Irish Water, local authorities cleared sewerage
blockages on a prevention and emergency basis.
Irish Water now claim that it is no longer responsible for this. The result is that
on a daily basis, we have sewerage backing up into houses, gardens and public
faeces creating public health nuisance distress to families and financial cuts.
Most of these cases are ongoing recurring problems which in the past were
dealt with by the Local Council on a prevention basis.
 Sewerage Blockages Causing Huge Distress

Seamus Healy TD

Again most of the sewers were laid by local Councils or contractor acting on
behalf of local Councils.
Sewerage coming into showers, bathrooms, gardens and public places cannot
be allowed continue. This is unacceptable and inhuman.
Despite repeated calls to local and national level Irish Water and the
government have refused to take responsibility for clearing the sewerage
I have raised this issue on the floor of the Dáil asking the Minister responsible
Alan Kelly T.D. to solve this problem once and for all. These pleas have fallen
on deaf ears.
Minister Kelly, the Minister responsible for Irish Water must now instruct Irish
Water to clear these blockages, as a matter of policy.

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