General Election looks set for November as odds cut into 1/3 from 4/5

3/1 that Election will have to wait until March 2016

BoyleSports are predicting a General Election to take place next month in Ireland after a gamble has taken place on it occurring resulting in the odds shortening into 1/3 from 4/5.

Both February and March 2016 can be backed at 3/1 with April 2016 available at 16/1. BoyleSports is offering 20/1 that the Irish government calls a general election for the festive period in December with January 2016 a longshot at 50/1.

Liam Glynn, BoyleSports’ spokesperson said: “Judging by the surge of bets that have come in for a General Election to take place in November on Tuesday evening, we reckon that it’s only a matter of time an official date will be announced for November.”

He added “A lot of the bets that have been placed were around our Dublin city centre shops which are within walking distance of the Dáil and with the budget set to take place next week it’s now looking like that we may well be heading to the polling stations in November.”

Month of Next Irish General Election

November 2015 1/3

February 2016 3/1

March 2016 3/1

April 2016 16/1

December 2015 20/1

October 2015 40/1

January 2016 50/1


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