All In The Cooking: The Bible Of The Irish kitchen

First published in 1946, as the official textbook of Coláiste Mhuire Cookery School, Cathal Brugha Street, All in the Cooking was a popular book in Irish schools, and homes, until well into the 1970s. It shaped and inspired generations of cooks with its fundamental principles of home economics and classic recipes.


With a natural emphasis on local ingredients, All in the Cooking covers everything a home cook could want to make

– from soups and sauces to fish and meat dishes, breads, cakes and desserts – and offers invaluable instructions for handling ingredients, organising your kitchen and planning meals.


This new edition of All in the Cooking is the perfect gift for those who remember it fondly from their schooldays, and yet it remains an essential manual for the modern kitchen (including some ‘interesting’ recipes from days gone by!)


All in the Cooking has attained near legendary status in recent years, as people search the internet for secondhand copies, but to little or no avail. It seems that owners of this beloved cookbook are loathe to part with it! With this new edition, we hope that new generations of home cooks will find All in the Cookingto be the perfect addition to their cookbook collection.


This very special new edition comes with a handy ‘Conversions’ bookmark for measures and temperatures.


All in the Cooking is jointly published by The O’Brien Press and Edco, The Educational Company of Irelan

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