New €20 Note Harder To Counterfeit

A new more secure and updated 20 euro note enters circulation today. The new note will be harder to counterfeit and is redesigned to reflect the new countries that have joined the EU since the old notes were issued. The old notes will remain legal tender but will gradually be withdrawn.

You can compare the old and the new 20s on this link from the ECB:

The new 20 euro note is part of an update of all euro notes. Each note will reflect an important period of European architecture, from classical to 20th century. The new 20 shows the Gothic period.

The new note has more vibrant colours, and includes a new security feature: a “portrait window” near the top of the hologram stripe which is transparent when held up against the light. The window shows “Europa”, a figure from Greek mythology, and is visible on both sides of the note. The same portrait is also visible in the watermark, alongside an green number which has a light effect which appears to move up and down when the note is tilted.


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