National Returning Officer opens nominations for position of IFA President

The IFA National Treasurer and Returning Officer (NTRO) Jer Bergin has opened nominations for the position of President of the IFA.


The resignation of Eddie Downey on Wed, 25th November means an election for President must be held, involving the members voting in the branches.


The National Rules Committee met yesterday and advised the NTRO to seek nominations for the position of President, which he has notified to County Executives. The nominations must be returned by 5.30pm on Wednesday 6th January 2016.


Under the rules, an election must take place within two months of the vacancy. At last week’s Executive Council meeting, the Rules Committee was requested to advise Council on the best timeframe and process for an election. With this in mind and in view of the circumstances, the Rules Committee advised Council that a Rule change is required to give Council greater flexibility on the timing of an election as follows:


That Rule 53 be amended to insert a clause (underlined) to read “… an election shall be held within two months of the vacancy being declared, or such other period as the Council may decide by a simple majority, in accordance with the procedure laid down ….”


To start the Rule change process, which requires 28 days’ notice, the Executive Board met yesterday and gave notice to the Acting General Secretary of the proposed change, as set out above. The Executive Council will meet on Tuesday 5th January 2016 in ordinary and special meetings to vote on the proposed Rule change.  If this amendment is passed at each meeting by a two-thirds majority, then it will become effective immediately.


Once the amendment is in place, the Council may then decide by a simple majority to extend the period for holding the election to whatever date the Council sees fit.


Timetable for Nominations and Election(s)


Wednesday 2nd December

Nominations: NTRO writes to all County Executives seeking nominations for President with a closing date of 5.30pm on Wednesday 6th January 2016.


Rule change: Executive Board gives notice of proposed rule change to Acting General Secretary and Council will meet on Tuesday 5th January in both ordinary and special meetings.


Tuesday 15th December

Council meets to receive Con Lucey Review.

If other vacancies arise, NTRO will seek nominations to close on Wednesday 6th January 2016.

NTRO recommends adoption of a Code of Conduct for candidates and prospective candidates.


Tuesday 5th January

Ordinary and Special Council meetings vote on proposed rule change. If passed by a two-thirds majority at each meeting, the Rule change becomes effective immediately.


Then, Council may by a simple majority extend the period for the election to be completed, eg to March, April or June.


Wednesday 6th January

Closing date for receipt of nominations for positions which are vacant.

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