IFA Welcomes Immediate Opening Of TAMS Sheep Fencing Scheme

IFA Rural Development Chairman Joe Brady has welcomed the opening of the TAMS sheep fencing scheme for farmers who want to make an application before the close of the existing tranche of the scheme on June 24th.


Joe Brady said this is an important development and IFA had argued to the Minister and the Department over the past number of weeks that if the measure were not put into this tranche, little or no sheep fencing would be carried out under the scheme in 2016.


The Minister for Agriculture’s confirmation of the opening of the scheme follows an earlier indication given to IFA at a meeting with Department of Agriculture officials in Johnstown Castle.


Applicants can apply online immediately in the current tranche for Sheep Fencing which is included in the Animal Welfare, Safety and Nutrient Storage Scheme, The Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme and the Organic Scheme.


The reference cost applicable is €5.34 per linear metre for sheep mesh with one strand of wire. For those who qualify in mountain areas the rate per linear metre of sheep mesh with one strand of wire is €8.01.There is now just one standard for sheep fencing rather than the previous eight rates. Gateways will also be granted aided and the reference cost is €299.00 per gateway.


Joe Brady said it is also important that the promised tillage measures are also introduced as they were part of the amendments to the RDP submitted to Brussels.


The Rural Development Chairman said that the next move on TAMS must be for the Minister to include additional measures such as underpasses, additional poultry measures, meal bins for all sectors, farm roadways and field drainage.


IFA will be making a detailed proposal over the coming weeks to the Department in advance of the 2016 RDP amendment.


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