CELTIC CON Irelands Midland Comic Convention (Portlaoise)

Will bring a host of fun, Top Irish Comic Creators, Comic Village, Artist Alley, Geek Market, Craft Stalls, Display Vehicles, Gaming Zone, Exhibitor and Artist Expo Area. Costume Characters, Cosplay Contest, AND MUCH MORE!!!

Sat 23rd & Sun 24th June O’Loughlin’s Hotel Main St, PortLaoise

Celtic Con will run alongside The Old Fort Quarter Festival in Portlaoise.

TICKETS Available at CELTIC COMICS Railway Street Portlaoise. or visit CELTICCON.COM


Celtic Comic Convention Laois

Celtic con 2018 Poster

If you love COMIC BOOKS, ART and MANGA then this is the place for you, Comic Village is a great way to discover new talent, get bespoke art to your tastes and meet with some Comic Legends!



Its time to let out the GEEK in all of us and find that UNIQUE, RARE or INTERESTING item you have been questing for. We assemble the best dealers from across UK to give you the chance to bag some amazing Merch including, Figures, Trading Cards, Anime, Clothes, Comics, Tabe-Top games and more!



Game on! Here at the Game Zone you’ll find RETRO, INDIE and the LATEST GAMES on console as well as TABLE-TOP GAMES, TRADING CARD GAMES and just about anything that involves a dice. Challenge a friend, defeat a stranger or get involved in one of our




It wouldn’t be a COMIC CONVENTION without attendees dressing up as their favourite characters! Celtic Con features a COSPLAY COMPETITION where you can showcase your costumes ON STAGE for the chance to win some awesome prizes.



This is where we will host our Art and Cosplay Competitions a long with Presentations and keeping you in the loop of all the crazy going ons’ during this highly concentrated Geek Fest!




Martin Moore 086 776 9132                                               


ARTIST SHOWCASE in association with Caffe Latte in Dunamaise Arts Centre

“SAVAGE TOWN” exhibition to Portlaoise. Proudly supported by Celtic Comics.

CELTIC CON – SAVAGE TOWN EXHIBITION will run the entire month of June in Caffe Latte Dunamaise Arts Centre.

Original artwork from the acclaimed Limerick-set graphic novel SAVAGE TOWN written by Declan Shalvey and drawn by Philip Barrett.

Loosely based on real events at the turn of the millennium, the graphic novel Savage Town charts the rise of small-time gangster Jimmy ‘Hardy’ Savage in a city gripped by two big-time gangs. This selection of black and white artwork from the book showcases the gritty characterisation and authenticity of setting which has contributed to the book’s international success.



<<<<<< SAVAGE TOWN SIGNING >>>>> in Celtic Comics Portlaoise instore THURSDAY, June 21st from 4 pm.

MARVEL Artist and Writer the multi-talented Declan Shalvey and Image Comics and The O’Brien Press Illustrator Philip Barrett will be signing their creator-owned book SAVAGE TOWN.

The acclaimed Limerick-set graphic novel SAVAGE TOWN written by Declan Shalvey and drawn by Philip Barrett.

Loosely based on real events at the turn of the millennium, the graphic novel Savage Town charts the rise of small-time gangster Jimmy ‘Hardy’ Savage in a city gripped by two big-time gangs. This selection of black and white artwork from the book showcases the gritty characterisation and authenticity of setting which has contributed to the book’s international success.

Celtic Comics instore signing Thursday 21st  June from 4pm.


Guest Information

Glenn Fabry is an award-winning comic and illustration artist

Artist from Preacher, Hellblazer, Simpsons, Slaine, Judge Dredd, 2000ad, Daredevil, Sandman http://www.glennfabrystudios.com/


Ryan Brown is from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is a Digital Painter, Cover Artist and Comic Book Colourist. He has worked for Legendary Entertainment, Dark Horse, Vertigo, IDW, 2000ad, among others.

Ryan has been involved with projects as diverse as Mars Attacks, Judge Dredd, Creepy Comics, Ninja Turtles, V-Wars, Jacked and Gears of War  www.ryanbrown-art.com


Michael Carroll is a writer his comics work includes Judge Dredd, Time Twisters and Future Shocks for 2000AD, Judge Dredd and Tales from the Black Museum for the Judge Dredd Megazine, strips for Sancho, Phase Two, Solar Wind, FutureQuake and MangaQuake. michaelowencarroll.com/

 PJ Holden is a Northern Irish comic artist based in Belfast. He has worked for 2000 AD, Warhammer

Monthly, and Judge Dredd Megazine. He has provided the art for Rogue Trooper, Judge Dredd and Johnny Woo.He is currently working for Dark Horse comics on World of Tanks: Citadel, a new tank combat miniseries with Eisner Award-winning comics legend Garth Ennis (Preacher, Punisher) and artist PJ Holden pauljholden.com/

Triona Farrell is a Comic book Colorist/Illustrator. Working for Marvel, BOOM!, IDW, Dynamite,

Image, and TITAN comics. Titles she has worked on are marvel Runaways, Mech Cadet Yu, Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Xena and Nancy Drew, Half Past Danger 2 and Doctor Strange. Triona works mainly colouring comics! She also illustrates from time to time.


Philip Barrett is a comics writer-artist from County Donegal who is now based in Dublin. His work mainly consists of contemporary short stories drawn in a clean-lined brush style.

He’s been self-publishing his comic Matter since 2001. He’s also illustrated the book series ‘WHERE’S LARRY?’ for The O’Brien Press. His most recent release is SAVAGE TOWN original graphic novel for Image Comics. The gangster story set in Limerick City written by Declan Shalvey and coloured by Jordie Bellaire.  blackshapes.com/

Eoin Coveney’s distinctive style and strong linework has seen him working for a highly diverse client base for nearly 25 years. His understanding of narrative art has been informed by working with some of the top names in the Graphic Novel field – including Will Eisner, Gordon Rennie and John Wagner. Since 2013, he has been contributing to 2000AD, co-creating a new story and characters: “The Alienist”, which recently finished its second series.  http://www.eoincoveney.com/


Paul Bolger cut his teeth working on the animated classics The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go To Heaven and The Thief & The Cobbler, Paul has designed, written and directed a host of animated and live action projects. His most recent involvement in animated features were the Sony/Aardman features Pirates – Band of Misfits and Arthur Christmas. His debut Graphic Novel, HOUND, a retelling of the Cú Chulainn myth is out now and the feature film adaptation is in development http://pillarstoneproductions.com/

****Appearing Saturday 23rd June ONLY****

Barry Devlin is an Irish musician, screenwriter and director.

Barry joined the well-known band Horslips in 1970, along with his fellow band mates Jim Lockhart, Charles O’Connor, Eamon Carr and Johnny Fean.

PillarStone Productions and BreakThru Films present a re-imagining of the life and times of Ireland’s greatest mythological hero, Cúchulainn – The Hound of Ulster. Written by Paul Bolger and Barry Devlin the graphic novel and live-action movie are an informed fantastical adaptation of one of Europe’s oldest surviving stories.


Digital illustrator Mark Reihill began his career with a Belfast-based advertising company. Seeking to utilise his abilities in a more fulfilling way he left to pursue a career as a freelance artist. This transition allowed him to work with a diverse clientele – Coca Cola, McVitie’s, Jacob’s, Empire Magazine – on an eclectic range of projects, from character design to album covers, http://www.markreihill.com/

Barry Keegan is an Indie Comic Creator His soon to be released Graphic Novel “The Bog Road” which is a dark fantasy tale set in County Laois. Barry wanted to draw more attention to the Midlands of Ireland and bring the land to life. The exclusive Celtic Comics Variant cover for Barry Keegans “The Bog Road” graphic novel which is set here in Laois. There are only 100 copies of this Celtic Comic exclusive variant.


Eoin Marron Artist on JAMES BOND: THE BODY and CENTIPEDE for Dynamite, SONS OF ANARCHY: REDWOOD ORIGINAL for Boom Studios and StarTrek: Beyond.



Gareth Luby is slightly Artistic Comic fan & Movie Buff!!! Sketch card artist for Marvel comics also CoFounder and organizer of The Geek Mart Ireland! https://www.facebook.com/garethlubyart

Leeann Hamilton is an Irish comic artist currently based in Meath. She studied at the Irish School of

Animation and is a graduate of the West Wales School of the Arts, and has worked withCartoon Saloon, Kavaleer Productions and JAM Media. She has also worked on games for Nebula Interactive and is a lecturer at Pulse College.  http://thecoolbean.net/


Ben Hennessy is a Professional Storyboarder, Character Designer & Comic Book Artist. He has worked mostly on TV productions but he also has experience in games. He is also Co-Founder of Pegbar, an animation social networking event based in Dublin. He has worked as a storyboard artist for Sixteen South Animation for Pinklicious, Brown Bag Films Nella The Princess Knight, Kavaleer productions for RTE Jr. He has also Background Artist Salty Dog Pictures on Adult-swim series Hot Streets. www.bennessy.com

Paddy Lennon, is the writer of the ‘Flare’ series of novels. As well as writing books, Paddy is an occasional Podcaster, public speaker about toys and action figures. He’s written two books about action figures and creates the character biographies for the ‘Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S.’ range of figures for Boss Fight Studio.

https://www.facebook.com/flarebook/ https://twitter.com/PaddyLennon1

Tracy Sayers is a comic book writer. She currently writes for Banter Books (My New Housemates, Space and Time, Freya, Freya: The Helpers and Freya: The Leaders), and Cremona Publishing. She is also a proud member of Comic Crusaders and Definitive Crusade Podcast talking all things DC.  https://thomondcomics.wordpress.com/


Rogue Comics are an independent comics publisher based in Dublin Ireland found in 2017. Their goals are simple, great comics by great creators. #GoRogue #RogueComicsIreland

Going Rogue… Ciarán Marcantonio has been writing, editing and producing independent comics since 2012. He is currently the Editor In Chief of Rogue Comics Ireland.

He was previously Managing Editor of Lightning Strike Comics, He is also the writer of A Clockwork Universe and Red Sands as well as writing The Stoat for Buttonpress Publications. https://www.roguecomicsireland.com/

Going Rogue… Kevin Keane is an illustrator and comic artist from east Cork. Kevin is the co-creator of Cork Based Publisher NP Comics and Dublin based publisher Rogue Comics. Kevin has provided artwork and design for gaming, film and television. He has delivered artwork for Universal Studios (Split) Ubisoft (Farcry 5) and Square Enix. Most recently Kevin has worked as a story board artist for the BBC/RTE on Irish TV Series, The Young Offenders. https://www.facebook.com/kevinkeaneillustrator

Going Rogue… Gill Dempsey is Managing Editor at Rogue Comics.

She was as an assistant editor at Lightning Strike, working on multiple titles. When the opportunity arose to #GoRogue, she joined the creative team eager to explore and support emerging talent in Irish comics. She has worked on Red Sands and Neon Skies for Rogue.

Going Rogue… Colm Griffin has been working in the Film industry since 2010 as a Character Designer, VFX supervisor and animator. He has worked on many feature films and TV series around the world and is now set to release his first comic book series Ocean City, which he wrote, drew and coloured. Hailing from Carlow, Colm is hoping his book makes a splash in the comics industry which will lead to other opportunities to work with writers and comic artists.



Going Rogue… Cormac Hughes is an Irish comic book Illustrator whose credits include Lightning Strike Comics, A Clockwork Universe, Red Sands, Professor Elemental Comics, The Phantom, Unseen Shadows and the upcoming Doom Girl. http://cormachughes.blogspot.ie/

Going Rogue… Alice Coleman is an award-winning illustrator, designer, and animator. She founded

OneCuriousChip in 2012. She is a recent graduate of LSAD Clonmel, with a BSc in Digital Animation Production. In recent years, she has worked on comic books and children’s books, both as a designer and illustrator, and has given several public talks, on her work which has been shown in several exhibitions throughout Ireland.OneCuriousChip.com won a commendation award at the LSAD Drawing Awards 2017. You can see more of Alice’s work athttp://OneCuriousChip.com/,


Paul Carroll is a writer and comic creator from Dublin. He began developing The Rebirth Cycle – a series of books in which the old gods and faeries attempt to return, some of them causing a lot of trouble along the way. Since the print publication of Balor Reborn, Paul has  teamed up with Gareth Luby in the creation of Meouch, taking Gareth’s desire to tell a story about his potentially homicidal kitten Frankie and filling it with guns and puns galore. He also writes The Wren with Buttonpress Publications.

Paul leads the organisation of The Geek Mart and runs Comix Ireland.

Two Pugs Publishing

Ray Roche and his stated Two Pugs Publishing to self-publish his comics. He is a writer who loves to tell stories about people, their nuances, their flaws, their triumphs. Response to his comics so far in several independent comic book stores around the country has been great and Dem Bones is just the start of a series of comics from the SSDD universe. Part two will be out just in time for Celtic Con!!!

Punt Press is an independent comic which was found in 2012 by Nigel Flood. Punt Press title to date are The Celtic Clan and The Globalists and soon to be release The Squad.  Punt Press has recently joined forces with US based publishing company Short Fuse Media.




Hugh Madden is a comics/street art his illustrations are based mainly off of Irish folklore and history. You can check out his work on the streets of Dublin or online at www.facebook.com/hughmaddenart or www.instagram.com/hughmaddenart

Joseph Griffin Art is a Cork based colourist. He has worked with Turncoat Press, Lightening Strike Comics and The Cork Comic Creators. He recently coloured the Kickstarter-backed comic “Out Of Sight” by Patrick Hammond. Currently working on colouring “Ghost Sails”, created by Emmet O’Brien, which will be included in Aces Weekly later this year. http://josephgriffin88.tumblr.com/

Heather Brennan Like the bog flower is small Dublin-based artist that sells a variety of stickers and prints. She also provides personalised commissions and handmade cards. Her work is largely nerdy in nature, covering a selection of games and shows. However, she also provide a variety of original work as well, that culminates in drawing RPG characters and other original work through her commissions! You can find her at https://m.facebook.com/likethebogflower/

Damien Tallon Art & Design is an artist from Carlow town. He painter and illustratior of pop culture icons and references and he also paint original paintings. He started drawing 3 years ago to help myself cope with anxiety that he was struggling with at the time. Art helped him deal with it and come through it.


Stephen Kieran a Ceramicist / Sculptor Based in Monaghan. He has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from IT Sligo. He grew up when gaming was just kicking of and his first console was a Nintendo. He now combines Fine art and retro gaming. The items he makes are all handmade original one of a kind with quality the key priority. He makes Sprites which he will be selling at Celtic Con.


The Dragons Hoarde Abbie McVeigh I make handbound and altered books/journals with dragons and such on the front. Badges, small accessories. I haven’t updated this page in some time but you can see a little of my work here https://www.facebook.com/inionveighireland/ Karla McKnight Artist, animator, storyteller. DM me about commissions! PhotoAcc: @artsyruthlesslife LinkTree below for Redbubble, Society6, Kofi, Twitter & YouTube linktr.ee/artsyruthless

Caoimhe McDermott-Quinn @cyborg_creates is an Irish amateur artist and illustrator she is caught between the elitism of “real art” and just trying to draw what she enjoys linktr.ee/cyborg_creates www.instagram.com/cyborg_creates


Shannon Kehoe geekasuras

Geeky customized jewellery 🙂 will cater for Any fandom. Love #doctorwho ,#supernatural , #Sherlock ,game of thrones and anything #marvel#disneywww.facebook.com/Geekasuras https://www.instagram.com/geekasuras/ Gene Fagan/BlackCoffeeArtworks

Artist/Illustrator based in Dublin, Ireland. Cat Dad/Coffee Enthusiast/Jedi Knight/Comic Book

Guy/RPG Loser *Contactfgnart@gmail.com for


Nina Alberich Alberich Designs

A world fit for you. Personalized jewelry, illustrations, clothes, crafts and cakes.

https://www.facebook.com/AlberichDesign/ https://www.etsy.com/ie/shop/AlberichDesign

Barry O’ Sullivan Irish comic artist A Fool’s Campaign #1 Kayfabe Anthology Vol.2

Twitter @callingallcomas

www.facebook.com/bosillustration/  www.instagram.com/callingallcomas/

Kay Murtagh Katchsudon

Katch Murtagh- A twenty-something amateur artist from Ireland who is a bit too into anime and the like. Chronically ill, artwork may be few and far between.

Awards Winner of the Hozier Fan Art competition for Take Me To Church https://www.facebook.com/katchsudon/

James Sharkey (deadmanspixels) is an Indie Irish artist trying to doodle good. Always open for

Commissions,so feel free to DM. https://ko-fi.com/deadmanspixels

Former Lead Artist and Co-Founder…and post apoc duck with a machine gun at Time Machine Games https://www.instagram.com/deadmanspixels/

Connie Skerrit Pyrocon Facebook Free hand drawn and burnt art https://www.facebook.com/PyroCon-623787771304286/

Maeve Febo maeb creations Facebook


Eds Comic Hut For those interested in comics, Sci-Fi/Horror mags, Figurines/Action Figures and all things geeky that I have on offer, you’ve come to the right place.


My Cat Lillith Print Making custom aluminium bookmarks and other personalized promotional items like mugs and keyrings. Also making vinyl print tee shirts.


James Darcy  comics

Amy Quinn Retro ralph gaming

We sell a range of Games, Consoles, Vinyls, Comics and all things retro!! Replay some of you old favorite games such as Mario and Sonic on classic consoles like Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive!! We have comics from Marvel to DC, Vinyl Records for every music taste and much much more! All are items are used (Unless otherwise stated). All our items have been tested to make sure they are in full working order.


Ciaran Duffy Art

Ciarán mainly uses pencil and fine line black pens to create each portrait he does. The main focus of interest would be musicians mainly of the rock metal genre and also of interest are iconic TV and movie characters.


Brian Thomas FX Comics

Paddy Comics Karl O’Halloran

We buy Golden Age, Silver Age and all Key Issues http://paddycomics.com/

Joseph Byrne delaneys newsagent

Confectionary tobacco news lotto greeting cards


Outpost Creations is run and operated by Wil Fahy who was born and bred in Waterford City, Ireland “I started out as many did by drawing, painting and making model kits. Mostly from my favourite sci-fi movies. I progressed onto sculpting and loved movie special effects. It was this that got me into prop making and then cosplay.

You may have seen me last stomping around in an almost 7 foot meachanoid called Glink. Glink was made for a local charity called Childrens Group Link, hence the name – Group-Link – G-Link — Glink!

I started my hobby Facebook page ScratchBuild as a show and tell of how i was making props from various materials like latex and foam.  https://www.facebook.com/ScratchBuild/

To feed escapism into the world you love through fit for purpose, high quality props created with attention to detail for a discerning public.

Outpost Creations making foam weapons, latex masks and anything i can really.” https://www.facebook.com/OutpostCreations/



At Celtic Con we love Cosplay! Its part of any good conventions staple diet and the blood sweat and tears that go into these out of this world Costumes needs to be shown off in all their glory. That’s why each year we hold the CELTIC CON COSPLAY COMPETITION!



Beginners Award

For those who have bought their costume or who altered or made a small percentage. To be judged out of 10 for Accuracy and Performance. Maximum of 5 extra points for use of props, make up/sfx and alterations to the costume.


Intermediate Award

25% made plus to be judged out of 10 for Details, Performance and Accuracy.

Professional Award

50% made plus to be judged out of 10 for Details, Performance and Accuracy.


Judges Choice

A unanimous decision between judges. Things to be considered: Best performance, 2nd place in other categories, stand out craftsmanship.


Best Young Cosplayer

The judges will select the best young cosplayer




11 am Door Open Door Open
11:30-12:15 Philip Barrett Comic Workshop Paddy Lennon Toys

Ciaran, Gillian, Kevin, Colm, Alice,

Cormac Hosted by the The Pubcast


Ciaran, Gillian, Kevin, Colm, Alice,

Cormac. Hosted by the The Pubcast



2000AD and Beyond Sci Fi and the Future shocks

Glenn Fabry. Ryan Brown,

Michael Carroll, PJ Holden, Eoin

Coveney, Mark

Reihill, Eoin Marron

Hosted by Irish Comic News

2000AD and Beyond Sci Fi and the Future shocks

Glenn Fabry. Ryan Brown, Michael

Carroll, PJ Holden, Eoin Coveney,


Reihill, Eoin Marron

Hosted by Irish Comic News




Hosted by Celtic Comics

Predator: Celtic Days ***  Screening is 15+ and will be followed by Q&A.


Cosplayer Competition

Hosted by The Guild of Nerds

Cosplayer Junk Battle

Hosted by The Guild of Nerds



The Hound and Celtic


Paul Bolger, Barry Devlin, Barry Keegan, Leeann

Hosted by Irish Comic News

The Hound and Celtic


Paul Bolger, Barry Devlin, Barry Keegan, Leeann

Hosted by Irish Comic News



The BOG ROAD launch

Hosted by Irish Comic News

New Artist Showcase Panel

Hosted by Irish Comic News


Proudly supports CELTIC CON

Celtic Comics and Martin Moore is the driving force behind CelticCon

Railway Street, Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland. celticcomics@outlook.ie

086 776 9132



Is our charity Partner of CELTIC CON


Pieta House provides therapy for those in suicidal distress, people engaging in self-harm, or those who have been bereaved by suicide, free of charge.


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