State Aid Limit will be Inadequate Given What’s Ahead in the Event of a Crash Out Brexit

IFA President Joe Healy said the EU Commission decision to increase the limit on State Aid for farmers from €15,000 to €25,000 is an important first step in what could be facing farmers in the event of a crash out Brexit, but warned that significantly more funding would be needed in a worst- case scenario.

Joe Healy said in a ‘no deal’ Brexit, State Aid limited to €8,300 per year will not be enough given the losses that farmers have already encountered and will be facing in such a scenario.

The IFA President warned that such is the scale of the losses from a Brexit crash out, the EU Commission will have to be the primary source of funds for a Brexit emergency support package. With the uncertainty around Brexit and the danger of unprecedented losses for farming and the agriculture sector, we cannot put a limit on support at this time.

Joe Healy said the IFA has put proposals to the Government and the EU Commission for a comprehensive package of market supports and direct aid for farmers. “We need to see much more urgency from the Minister and clarity on the details of exactly what mechanisms will be applied. Aid must go to farmers and not be gobbled up by others in the supply chain.”

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