How To Save The Planet, new book by Luke Eastwood

How To Save The Planet is the latest book from Luke Eastwood, who has previously had success with titles such as “Kerry Folk Tales”, “The Journey” and “The Druid’s Primer”.

In 10 very short chapters Luke outlines why we are in a big mess and what we as individuals can do about it now, instead of waiting for others and the government to act.

How To Save The Planet, new book by Luke Eastwood

Luke Eastwood said; “Every person on this planet wakes up each day and makes choices, children have limited choices but adults far less so. Each day we can make choices that have a positive or negative impact on our future and the future of the planet”

50% of the profits will be donated to Greenpeace. This book is also printed on recycled paper, which is of particular importance to the author, who is also encouraging people to give or lend their copy of the book to others in order to spread its important message.

How To Save The Planet, new book by Luke Eastwood

Recently he has been involved in Climate Action and Extinction Rebellion protests in Kerry, Ireland, in particular those against Exxon/CNOOC, who were based at Kerry airport.

LUKE EASTWOOD is the author of several books, mostly on spirituality. He is also a trained druid, horticulturist and science graduate. Luke has been involved in enviromental activism since the 1990s, including Greenpeace, Shell To Sea and Friends Of The Earth. Luke set up and currently coordinates the Extinction Rebellion Dingle group, he lives in the west of Ireland.

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