EP President Sassoli: We must mutualise our debt

Sassoli: Parliament approves resolution including recovery bonds. Solidarity not in words but in deeds. We must mutualise future debt.
Statement by President Sassoli following European Parliament resolution on EU COVID-19 response

“It was very important that the Parliament expressed itself with a large majority in favour of a strong economic reconstruction plan for Europe. This means using all resources available to stimulate the economy, including recovery bonds, that is, the possibility of financing on international markets our joint reconstruction.

“I am very satisfied because I now have the opportunity to go to the meeting of the next European Council on 23 April with a clear indication of the will of the Parliament regarding the means and ways in which we organise the exit from this emergency and the reconstruction of our economies.
“We need to ensure that the costs each country bears in tackling this crisis are shared from now on. Therefore, we need some form of mutualisation, with respect to the future debt that will be accumulated in the reconstruction plan.

“Today, peoples’ lives and livelihoods are at stake, lives of citizens in the north and the south must be all of our concerns. We want to get out of this crisis with our democracies intact. We want to get out with our rules intact. We want to get out with our treaties intact. We must get out by respecting our shared principles and common values.”

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