Keeping spirits up – Glass recycling company prepped for bottle bank rush

As Ireland approaches its first long weekend in lockdown, Glassco Recycling, Ireland’s largest glass recycling company, is preparing for an unprecedented increase of bottles and jars at bring banks nationwide and reminds the public to keep social distancing and adhere to the guidelines while using bring banks.

Keeping spirits up - Glass recycling company prepped for bottle bank rush

David Farrelly, General Manager at Glassco said, “We have seen a large increase in use of our bring banks since the lockdown began. Obviously as there is more food preparation taking place at home, households are generating more glass. Not to mention the additional drinking going on at home at the moment.”

Glassco Recycling currently services approximately 1,300 bring bank locations on behalf of 25 local authorities nationwide. The award winning recycling company has increased their service in urban areas and is working at near full capacity in order to meet the high levels of demand at bottle banks.

Farrelly continued, “ Pubs and restaurants may be closed, but the volume of glass being recycled is only slightly down overall. We’ve actually seen an increase in the number of cans, beer and wine bottles being recycled with a reduction in the number of spirits bottles. We have also seen an increase in certain beers that have been running supermarket promotions.

Our staff are preparing to meet the extra demand over the coming long weekend but to reduce pressure on our frontline staff, we do need the public’s cooperation at this unusually busy time.”

Glassco has asked the public not to leave their bottles on the ground if banks are full as this puts extra pressure on the service.

Farrelly added, “With everyone drinking and cooking more at home, the volume of glass has increased to levels that we would normally only see around Christmas and New Year. This would be manageable under normal conditions but presents extra challenges in the current crisis. People leaving their bottles on the ground when banks are full creates a huge amount of work for staff who are already working flat out to keep this essential service going. If the banks are full please take your bottles home and come back another day”.

The company has also asked the public not to put plates, cups and other ceramics into bottle banks.

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