Barnardos Launch Tips for Parents, Children and Young People as they Prepare to Return to School

As schools set to reopen in the coming weeks Barnardos have launched a new collection of Tips for parents, children and young people. Focusing on the well-being of everyone from the little school goer to the relieved, yet anxious parent, Barnardos Tip Sheets offer guidance for all on the return to school. Tips range from suggestions on establishing a new routine to relaxing breathing exercises; simple actions that can support us all to positively embrace the coming weeks.

Suzanne Connolly, CEO Barnardos says, “It is important that we understand that we’re all going to have a range of feelings as classrooms reopen; it could be excitement one minute and apprehension the next. This mix of feelings is perfectly ok!

“Children and young people have shared with us how they are feeling happy, sad and everything in between, in the run up to their return to school. We are telling them that all feelings are ok, and to help understand their feelings and prepare for school we have created a beautiful illustrated guide for younger children, and a practical and helpful tip sheet for older children. We hope these will help support them in the coming weeks. While the summer holidays are not over yet, it’s important to start thinking about new routines, and take little steps to prepare for the school year ahead especially after being so long out of the classroom.”

Baranardos has also created a Tip Sheet for Parents, one that will help them support their children’s, and their own, transition to a new routine.

“For parents, this is naturally a time when they may be feeling some stress or anxiety as they plan for the upcoming school year and all the unknowns that may lie ahead,” said Ms. Connolly. “We hope these Tip Sheets will help them cope with the changing environment, support their children and how they’re feeling, and importantly to also care for themselves. Parenting can be a difficult job at the best of times, and the challenges of the ongoing pandemic and supporting loved ones through this time has added to the pressures people feel every day. We hope this resource can help lessen the apprehension felt by many parents, and children, and that as a country we can start to positively embrace this new transition.”

The Tip Sheets can be found at

Tip sheets:
Illustration for children 
Tips for young people
Tips for parents

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