To the Moon, Mars and Beyond: NASA talks living on the moon at Dublin Tech Summit Virtual #DTS21

The Artemis Programme was top of the agenda for Dr. Douglas Terrier, Chief Technologist of NASA, at today’s Dublin Tech Summit Virtual. Along with discussing the programme, Dr. Terrier touched on sustainable exploration and the future of living on the Moon and Mars, and how close they are to that becoming a reality. Over 5,000 attendees turned out today for the second virtual summit which focused on tech, cybersecurity, digital transformation, entrepreneurship, investment, and more. 

The summit brought together business leaders, experts, and world-renowned speakers to discuss the current tech environment. Dublin Tech Summit began in 2017 and has grown significantly with each successive year. This year’s virtual event gave fans and professionals direct insight into industry experts and leaders on a global landscape.

Dublin Tech Summit Virtual is aimed at connecting industry leaders. Speakers included:

  • Michele Romanow, President and Co-founder of Clearco (formerly Clearbanc)
  • Nikolay Storonsky, Founder & CEO of Revolut
  • Ian Tien, Founder & CEO of Mattermost
  • Dr. Douglas Terrier, Chief Technologist of NASA
  • Sten Garmark, Vice President, Consumer Experience at Spotify
  • Chris Slowe, CTO, Reddit
  • Allison Miller, CISO, Reddit
  • Mike Fisher, CTO, Etsy
  • Harry Moseley, Global CIO of Zoom Video Communications
  • VV Brown, Singer-Songwriter and Record Producer
  • Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO & Publisher of MIT Technology Review

Over 5,000 attendees logged on to attend the virtual summit, which aims to connect some of the world’s greatest minds in tech. With 160 speakers and over 80 talks happening over the course of the day, attendees, startups, and investors experienced the conference from the comfort of their own homes. Guests were given the opportunity to hear from speakers on virtual stages, browse exhibition halls, and drop by the virtual information booth complete with virtual helpers. Insightful speaker sessions were broadcast across the world, and attendees engaged with exhibitors and speakers through a unique text chat system. Keynote speakers, panel discussions, and virtual networking opportunities took place at the innovative conference. 

Speaking on the Artemis Programme, Dr. Douglas Terrier, Chief Technologist of NASA, said:

“Of course we’ve taken our first exploratory steps with the Apollo programme to the Moon and we now intend to go back for a sustainable presence to extend humans living and working for long periods on the surface of the Moon.”

“NASA is really engaged in two things […] we are developing the technology that allows us to extend the reach of our telescopes, to further distance we can go with robotic systems, and to follow with further and further expansion of human presence out into the solar system. The second part of our effort is ensuring that the technologies that we develop in doing that have an immediate impact to life here on earth and provide for commercial opportunities both in space and in the wake of NASA’s exploration efforts”

“…the Moon is really a staging post, a learning experience for us that we will take the lessons we learned there, the technologies we learned there, to extend our reach out to Mars, and other planets in our solar system as we learn to live and work off the environment.”

Speaking about the second Dublin Tech Summit Virtual, Managing Director Tracey Carney said: 

“What a fantastic virtual event. I’m very proud of what the team behind DTS have delivered in spite of the challenges. Not only have we survived, we are now thriving, as showcased by the calibre of speakers, thought leaders and partners who have supported today’s event. Attracting 5,000 attendees highlights the impact, growth and strength of the Dublin Tech Summit across the world, with so many people engaged. As a result of this success, we’re going global and are launching the London Tech Summit which will take place in December 2021.”

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Dublin Tech Summit Virtual 2021 is hosted in partnership with over 40 organisations including, Accenture, Cisco, Mastercard, Etsy, Pinterest, and more.

About Dublin Tech Summit Virtual
Dublin Tech Summit Virtual aims to gather the most influential minds in tech and business from across the globe. For one day only, tech leaders from over 70 countries will come together to share the latest knowledge, debate cutting-edge trends, and network virtually. Dublin Tech Summit Virtual was held on the 17 of June 2021. Tickets provided attendees with access to the virtual auditorium, exhibition hall, information booth, and the state-of-the-art networking lounge. More than 5,000 attendees attended this year’s virtual event which featured over 160 high-profile speakers and 200 global media representatives.

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