New Research Reveals The Rise of the ‘Work from Anywhere’ Culture

Over 90% of Ireland’s workforce dream of leaving traditional offices behind for more scenic work environments

Samsung Ireland reveals how technology plays an integral role in the future of remote work culture

Key survey findings:

  • Over 75% say they would favour working for an employer that offers remote working
  • Over 80% reveal that the ability to work from anywhere provides better job satisfaction
  • Cliffs of Moher is the top dream remote work location (15%), followed by Ring of Kerry (14%), Dingle Peninsula (12.6%), The Aran Islands (11%) and West Cork (10%)
  • 45% say that a portable and easy-to-carry laptop is vital for remote working
  • Nearly half (49%) will continue to work from home this summer and plan a staycation to get away from the desk
  • The majority (49%) plan to have a hybrid working routine going forward

Working from home has become commonplace for Ireland’s workforce over the past 18 months with many converting spare bedrooms, kitchen tables and living rooms to makeshift home offices. However, new research from Samsung Ireland has highlighted the desire among Ireland’s remote workers to forego the home office and take to more scenic locations to ‘work from anywhere’.

New Research Reveals The Rise of the ‘Work from Anywhere’ Culture

The latest research of 1,000 Irish adults coordinated by 3Gem has revealed the Irish remote workforce places significant value on being able to work from a location that suits their needs. Whether in the hubbub of the city or a remote rural location, three-quarters of the nation revealed that would base their decision to work for an employer on their remote working policy. A staggering 90% of all Irish workers said that the ability to work from anywhere in the world is incredibly appealing, with 80% revealing they would have better job satisfaction with the choice of remote working.

Dream Locations

Due to the international travel restrictions that were introduced in 2020, the nation has had more opportunities to explore the countryside than ever before. With this newfound flexibility in the workplace, many Irish workers are now dreaming of expanding their work horizons and carrying out their day job from some of the nation’s favourite locations.

When asked what their ‘dream desk destination’ in Ireland would be, the famous Cliffs of Moher came in as the top choice, with 15% choosing the dramatic setting as their top choice. The picturesque landscape of the Ring of Kerry was the firm favourite among 14% of the public, while 13% set their sights on setting up in the beautiful Dingle Peninsula. Going rural appeared to be top of mind for 11% of those polled with the Aran Islands proving to be a popular location, while the lure of sailboats and farmers markets in West Cork was the ultimate location for a further 11%.

With attitudes shifting away from the traditional office-based work routine towards remote working, Samsung Ireland showcases the importance of technology in the new ‘work from anywhere’ world and how it plays an integral role in its future.

Technology’s Role is Key

With the advent of remote working technology is playing a bigger role than ever before. It’s no surprise that for those working from home, good quality broadband and Wi-Fi (61%) is the main requirement they have in order to carry out their workday. While we may rely on our mobile phones for other parts of our daily routine, over half (57%) of those polled said that the main device they rely on is a portable laptop.

Generation X remote workers favour a more complete home office set up with over a fifth revealing that they need a second screen at their workstation, while millennials value peace and quiet as over 17% need noise cancelling headphones to get through the workday.

With super slim and light portable laptops available such as the new Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360, which can be used in tablet and laptop mode, working from anywhere is quickly becoming a possibility. Not only is it convenient and easy to carry, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 also has a powerful processor which makes the working experience fast, smooth, and easy. The new laptop will easily adapt to any remote working location by using the ‘Intelligent Performance Manager’ feature, which automatically adapts based on the location of the laptop, adjusting fan noise, temperature and battery usage.

No matter how remote the location, laptops like the Galaxy Book Pro 360, which is made with military-grade durability and super strong aluminium, will keep users feeling confident and worry free. Features such as ‘Studio Mode’ will also ensure that users look professional no matter where they find themselves, by creating the ideal video call environment at any time of the day. Productivity is also no longer a worry as the Galaxy Book Pro 360 comes with an S Pen and a Pro Keyboard which will allow users to take notes and work on the go.

Looking Ahead

As normality slowly begins to return, one element that has been changed by the pandemic is the traditional office routine. Nearly half (49%) of all Irish remote workers favour a hybrid working routine going forward, with over a quarter (26%) revealing that they plan to work remotely on a full-time continuous basis.

For the first time, Irish workers have the option to choose their own work routine that perfectly caters to their lifestyle preferences. Whether it’s choosing to work in a location with an incredible view (20%), relocating to a space that has plentiful cafes and restaurants nearby (14%) or even working alongside a fluffy companion for company throughout the day (14%), Irish workers can look forward to a new era of flexible working.

To support this ‘Work from Anywhere’ era, Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro 360 will not only facilitate remote working but also people’s down time, with a super AMOLED display that is perfect for viewing shows, video calls with friends and scrolling through content.

Availability & Pricing

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