Kelly’s plan for EU-wide building renovations adopted

Ireland South MEP and Rapporteur for the European Parliament Implementation Report on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), Seán Kelly, has welcomed European Parliament backing for his report which was adopted today (Wednesday). 

Speaking from Strasbourg, MEP Kelly said he was “delighted that the EPBD report received such overwhelming approval, ensuring that a more efficient and technically equipped building stock will now stand as the cornerstone of our decarbonising energy system across the EU.

“The EU plans to renovate up to 35 million buildings by 2030, yet this will only be achievable by placing building users at the very centre of the ‘Renovation Wave’. This is what the EPBD will achieve.

“Across the EU, buildings are responsible for 36 percent of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. Couple this with the fact that 75 percent of building stock across the EU is inefficient, the untapped potential of this sector is immense.

“Renovating and decarbonising the European building sector will create green jobs, address energy poverty and empower citizens to take a more active role in the energy system. This really can be an exciting time for the construction industry if managed properly, giving the EU the opportunity to lead the way in retrofitting and sustainable building methods.

“It is encouraging to see that the buildings directive has also seen very strong approval this week among the public, with 74% out of 10,000 people polled across the EU supporting the introduction of new minimum standards to upgrade our buildings according a recent One Poll study.

“While we are currently not where we need to be regarding the building renovation rate across the EU, the EPBD sets out an ambition to increase the annual rate from 1% percent to 3 percent or even higher.

“A highly efficient building stock that can produce and store renewable energy, while simultaneously contributing to demand side flexibility will be good for both households and industry.

“Today, we have passed this ambitious plan in the Parliament. Now let’s see it implemented” MEP Kelly concluded.

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