Peter O’Toole – Christmas Day on TG4

PETER O’TOOLE – RÉALTA & RÓGAIRE – TG4 – Christmas Day – 9.25pm & on

The story of the hell raising life of Peter O’Toole makes for a hugely entertaining and insightful documentary full of fun stories of wild excess, brilliant movie anecdotes and at the heart of it, the story of a man searching for an identity and longing to be Irish.

Peter O'Toole - Christmas Day on TG4
P4EJ1B Original Film Title: MY FAVORITE YEAR. English Title: MY FAVORITE YEAR. Film Director: RICHARD BENJAMIN. Year: 1982. Stars: PETER O’TOOLE. Credit: M.G.M/UNITED ARTIST / Album

Peter O’Toole was known throughout the world as Lawrence of Arabia, as a hell-raising actor and as an Irishman. His distinguished career saw him conquer the stage and screen as one of our greatest movie stars. He was nominated for eight Oscars and thrilled audiences with performances in classics like LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, THE LION IN WINTER, MY FAVORITE YEAR and VENUS. However, between his time on stage and screen, O’Toole spent his life in Connemara, a place he called home, a place that offered him a refuge and respite from the pressures of the world of entertainment.

Peter O'Toole - Christmas Day on TG4

Featuring rare family archive and interviews with his daughter Kate O’Toole, friends and co-stars, including Supermodel, actress and singer Twiggy, the legendary actor Brian Blessed and Irish co-stars Bryan Murray, Jim Bartley and Mary Coughlan, PETER O’TOOLE – RÉALTA & RÓGAIRE is the definitive account of the life and career of one of our greatest movie stars and his enduring love of Ireland. Produced by Dearg Films.

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