Kelly’s “Fit for 55 label” to fast-track public renewable energy projects

Seán Kelly MEP has proposed a “Fit for 55 label” to be established to simplify and fast-track the delivery of public interest renewable energy projects across the EU, in a letter to European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans and Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson today (Tuesday). 

“We cannot achieve our Green Deal targets without a massive expansion of renewable energy. However, the reality is that if we are to achieve our ambitious targets, we must fast-track the removal of planning or market-based obstacles to ensure rapid delivery of renewable energy technologies”, Kelly said.

“The label would effectively guarantee that necessary positive renewable energy projects receive far quicker licensing and planning authorisation. We do not have time to waste, so this is a logical and practical step we can employ to make the energy transition a reality and not just something that will forever seem beyond the horizon.”

Permitting and licensing procedures remain one of the biggest hurdles in achieving mass deployment of renewable technologies, according to the Ireland South MEP.

“There is no value to citizens in having clean technologies available if we cannot get them deployed. That is why we need to ensure our planning and regulatory systems are fit to address the challenge of climate change. 

“That is why I am proposing a “Fit for 55” label on public interest renewable projects that will allow the granting of a priority status in national law, to ensure a prioritisation of these projects by the competent authority, the streamlining of procedures and processes, and the removal of unnecessary red tape”, Kelly outlined.

The introduction of the label would require Member States to detail how they will adapt their permit system to ensure they meet commitments under their National Energy and Climate Plans. Reporting would be based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including how to Planning authorities are resourced.

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