2,500 pints of Guinness, 1,000 selfies, 400 hotel beds and more as Dublin Tech Summit takes over capital

The organisers of this year’s Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) say they expect a surge in demand for pints of Guinness, an increase in the number of selfies and a spike in hotel accommodation ahead of next week’s leading technology conference. Taking place at the RDS in Dublin on the 15th and 16th of June, it marks the event’s return to a physical capacity after 2 years of being held virtually due to COVID. 

Over 8,000 attendees, 200 speakers, 150 startups and 65 partners from over 50 countries are expected to turnout for the conference which attracts the world’s biggest names in technology and innovation. It also provides early stage companies with opportunities to get recognised as the latest up and coming tech players across Europe. With over 150 staff involved in the organisation of the event, it is expected that:

  • 2,500 pints of Guinness will be consumed by attendees over the course of 2 days
  • 8,000 phones will be used with a minimum of 160,000 whatsapp messages sent
  • 1,000 selfies will be taken
  • 400 hotel beds will be occupied
  • 2,500 cups of coffee will be enjoyed

This year’s speakers include Frank McCourt, owner of football club Olympique de Marseille, and founder and CEO of Unfinished, Christopher Wylie, Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower, Tyson Singer, VP of Technology and Platform, Spotify, Bryan Che, CSO, Huawei, Eileen O’Meara, Head of EMEA Revenue & Growth, Stripe, Harry D. Moseley, Global Chief Information Officer, Zoom, and more. Topics for discussion include: cybersecurity, e-commerce, sustainability, finance digitisation and more.

Dublin Tech Summit 2022 reinforces Ireland’s position on the world stage as being a European Hub for tech. Dubbed ‘Europe’s Silicon Valley’ the event aims to highlight Ireland’s attractiveness as a tech destination – playing host to the tech giants Google, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter amongst others. According to IDA Ireland, the ICT industry in Ireland  employs over 37 thousand people and generates €35 billion in exports annually. In addition to this, figures from The Irish Advantage reveal Ireland has the highest proportion of high-growth enterprises in the EU.

DTS 2022 will bring together the brightest tech innovators, influencers and entrepreneurs globally, highlighting the capabilities and creativity all of which form part of a wider tech ecosystem. 

Speaking ahead of the event, Tracey Carney, MD of DTS, said:

“We’re so excited to see the return of the physical event after a two-year hiatus. DTS presents such a fantastic opportunity for networking and while we were delighted to be able to hold the event virtually over the last two years, it’s really brilliant to be back in the RDS. Our team has grown significantly to expand into the live event and we’re really looking forward to two great days on June 15th and 16th.”

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