Farmers Encouraged to Attend Energy and Farm Business Show 2022 in Gurteen

IFA Environment and Rural Affairs Chair Paul O’Brien has encouraged farmers to attend the 2022 Energy and Farm Business Show in Gurteen College, Tipperary on Tuesday next, 19th July.

The free event will provide farmers with the most up-to-date information on the opportunities in the renewable energy sector, as well as ways to improve energy efficiency on farms. There is also a strong focus on farm diversification options at this year’s show.

“This year’s event will showcase the opportunities and supports that are available to farmers that want to get involved in renewable energy, be it solar or biomethane production,” he said.

He said that farmers recognise the opportunities offered by renewable energy. They allow them to produce energy for their own use, sheltering them from the volatile energy market, but also as an opportunity to diversify their farm income by selling excess energy to the grid, thereby enhancing the sustainability of their farm business.

“There will be panel discussions and demonstrations that will provide farmers the opportunity to ask experts in renewable energy and diversification questions and get the information required to make informed decisions and see what options might suit their farm business,” he said.

For more information and to register your interest, check out the details here.

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