Aurivo partner with FoodCloud to help combat food waste

Aurivo Co-Operative is partnering with food social enterprise programme, FoodCloud to combat food waste by sending quality, surplus milk products to FoodCloud’s network of charities and community groups.

Aurivo partner with FoodCloud to help combat food waste
Barry McKiernan – Continuous Improvement Co-Ordinator Aurivo Consumer Foods, Mary Ellen Angland – Account Manager FoodCloud, Alan Gannon – Warehouse Manager FoodCloud, Steve Giles – Head of Operations Aurivo Consumer Foods

The partnership will ensure that people in need will have access to Aurivo’s quality products, while also eliminating food waste through FoodCloud’s Galway redistribution warehouse where food will be sent to community groups across the country in an effort to tackle food poverty.

Commenting on the sustainable partnership, Steve Giles, Head of Operations, Aurivo, said: “Our whole journey at Aurivo is about sustainability; it starts on the farms and goes through every part of the business: from our suppliers, to processes, into our communities in Ireland’s northwest and to global customers in 50 countries. We are delighted to be partnering with FoodCloud on this sustainable initiative that will allow Aurivo to further support our communities through ensuring that surplus milk products are going to those in need.

“This partnership will ensure people in need will be able to consume and enjoy Aurivo’s quality milk products, while also preventing our very small amount of wastage milk just being dumped. We hope to see this partnership thrive and prosper for many years to come!”

Carla McSorely, Head of Irish Partnerships, FoodCloud, said: “We are delighted to be working with Aurivo, who have recently started donating surplus milk products to our Galway Hub for redistribution. Aurivo’s donations enable FoodCloud to support our network of local community groups and reduce good food going to waste”. 

Through the sustainable partnership, Aurivo Co-Operative Society Limited will identify any suitable product for donation and notify the FoodCloud Team of donation availability. The donation will then be logged onto the FoodCloud Warehouse Management System to ensure onward traceability and temperature records are maintained throughout. The food products will then be redistributed from the hub to FoodCloud’s range of registered partner charities.

About Aurivo 

Aurivo is one of Ireland’s leading co-operatives, with businesses in Consumer Foods, Dairy Ingredients, Retail Stores, Animal Feeds, and Livestock Trading.  Employing approximately 650 people, Aurivo is a globally focused agri-business with regional, national, and international brands and dairy ingredients exports to almost 50 countries in markets as diverse as Afghanistan, Africa, Central America, Costa Rica, Germany, Iraq and the United Kingdom.

About FoodCloud

FoodCloud is a not for profit, social enterprise that enables redistribution of surplus food from food businesses to local charities. Established in 2013, FoodCloud has created an end-to end solution in Ireland for surplus food redistribution, providing a managed service that helps to minimise waste and ensure the maximum amount of good food can be donated to charities. FoodCloud is the partner organisation for the nationwide availability of food element of the FEAD Programme in Ireland, a programme funded by the EU and the Irish Exchequer.

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