ALONE is asking people across Ireland to just say ‘Hello’ to older people in their communities during the cold weather

ALONE is asking people across Ireland to be aware of older people in their communities who may be challenged by the extreme cold weather or more isolated by it. A simple call or knock on the door to say hello might make a huge difference to some people.

Met Éireann has issued an orange winter weather advisory warning until mid-night on Tuesday due to severe frosts and icy roads and risks of hail, sleet and snow in some areas

ALONE is asking older people to:

·        Keep the heating on in their home, especially in the rooms that they use the most.

·        Eat and drink hot food and beverages to stay warm, perhaps even using the microwave if there is a concern around energy efficiency.

·        Wear more than one layer of clothing to stay warm.

·        Avoid making journeys that involve going outdoors so as to avoid slippery walk ways.

·        If you are using an electric blanket check for signs of wear and tear, if it is old and damaged do not use it in any circumstances.

·        Keep in touch with friends and family to let them know if you need any practical support such as picking up medicines and groceries.

Sean Moynihan ALONE, CEO said, “We are looking for people to engage the community spirit and just stay in touch with older and more vulnerable people in the communities across Ireland. Keeping warm during cold weather is not just an issue of comfort, but a health issue for older people and people with health difficulties.”

“We know that cold homes are associated with health conditions worsening. These health conditions include respiratory and heart conditions, arthritis, minor illnesses like colds and flus, increased risk of accidents and injuries, and poor mental health. While we know energy costs are high, we and other organisations will provide to support to older people who may be concerned about their bills this winter, and we would urge that everyone stays warm and safe in the coming week. If you have concerns or need support, you can call ALONE on 0818 222 024, seven days a week from 8am to 8pm.”

Moynihan continued, “We are asking members of the general public to share the warmth this winter, especially during this extreme weather. People should consider the needs of older people that they know and just like they did during the pandemic, provide any hello they can, even a simple knock on the door could make the biggest difference. ”

ALONE is simply saying please don’t leave it to others as they might have left it to you.

ALONE is among the key partners in the cross-Government ‘Reduce Your Use’ public information campaign, which urges householders and businesses to ensure that they are availing of the supports that are in place to help all of us through this winter. The Government is asking people to stay warm and well this winter and to know that help is available if they need it over the coming weeks and months.

Further information on help and supports over the coming winter period can be found on the Reduce Your Use homepage

Contact ALONE on 0818 222 024 if you have concerns about your own wellbeing, or the wellbeing of an older person in the community. Further information, including advice and tips for older people in extreme weather conditions, can be found on .

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