Energy and Farm Business Show at Gurteen College set for 20th July 2023

The 2023 Energy and Farm Business Show will take place at Gurteen College, County Tipperary on Thursday, the 20th of July 2023. 

This one day event has quickly become the annual meeting place for farmers and landowners to explore energy, food and tourism options with a view to adding value and diversification to their enterprises. 

The 2022 programme focused on three key areas – Energy, Farm Business Options and Land Use Change & Sustainability. Within this programme, an extensive agenda incorporating chief policy makers, industry leaders, farmers and landowners was scheduled across the day to provide insight and advice to attendees. Additionally, attendees had the benefit of one-to-one clinics, outdoor demonstrations, an extensive trade exhibitor showcase and the opportunity to meet with industry experts.

The agricultural conversation around sustainability has three pillars – economic, social and environmental. While the environmental side makes most of the agricultural headlines, this event strongly focuses on all three. 

Areas that will be covered at the show in 2023 include Anaerobic Digestion, Energy Policy, Solar, Electricity, Biomass, Community Energy, Business Diversification, Food Business Start Ups, Agri Tourism, Organics, Forestry, Bio-economy and Agri-Tech. The support and advice clinics available on the day will focus on Financing, Taxation, Legal, Funding, Training and Upskilling. 

This innovative and unique event, Energy and Farm Business Show, is a collaboration between Teagasc, Tipperary County Council, Irish Farmers Association, Tipperary Energy Agency, Gurteen College and TUS Midlands Midwest. 

As new policy and market changes make diversification into energy, tourism and value-added food production a realistic option, The Energy and Farm Business Show on July 20, 2023 really is a must-attend event for all farmers and landowners. 

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