Survey shows that 68% of respondents have yet to book their 2023 holiday

Click&Go has released a Travel Sentiment Survey that shows more than two thirds of people are yet to book their summer 2023 holiday. The survey examined answers from 1,743 respondents.

68% of respondents have not booked their 2023 overseas holiday yet. Of the respondents that have not booked, 93% are planning to take a foreign holiday this year. 48% of respondents are planning to travel between June to September, 25% are planning to travel during April and May, 26% are planning to travel from October to December and 1% of respondents are planning to only travel in 2024.

67% of respondents are planning to take a sun holiday, 13% are planning to take a city break, and 10% are planning to take a cruise holiday. The remaining 9% of the respondents are planning to take a USA, Worldwide, Disneyland Paris or visit family or friends.

Paul Hackett, CEO of Click&Go commented, “There is now a common belief that you can get a better deal on your holiday if you book later, unfortunately this is very rarely true. We are seeing people wait for prices to drop but they are steadily increasing instead.”

He continued, “We advise booking as soon as possible to take full advantage of best value offers. Click&Go has many flexible payment options, including a €1 deposit, to ensure customers can secure early prices and pay when it suits them.”

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