New EPA Online portal will provide greater transparency and easier public access to environmental enforcement information

  • EPA providing improved access to environmental enforcement information with the launch of Phase 1 of a new online portal (LEAP Online).
  • From today, the public will be able to access site visit reports, licensees’ responses to those reports, licensee requests for approval from the EPA, monitoring results and site updates.
  • All communications between EPA and licensees will be available online with the launch of Phase 2 later in 2023.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched the first phase of a major new Online service, the Licensing and Enforcement Access Portal or LEAP Online, which will allow the public to view the enforcement activities, actions and communications between the EPA and holders of EPA licences and permits.  The public will be able to view this information on our website via desktop, tablet and mobile phone. 
Commenting on the launch of LEAP Online, Darragh Page, EPA Programme Manager said: “As Ireland’s environmental regulator, we recognise the importance of keeping the public informed about the activities we regulate, and enabling people to participate in environmental decision-making. 
The launch of LEAP Online will give the public even more access to detailed, timely information on how major industry, waste management, users of radiological materials, drinking water and sanitary services comply with their regulatory requirements. This in turn will contribute to promoting informed public discussion about achieving sustainable development into the future, while protecting Ireland’s environment and the health of our citizens.”  The release of LEAP Online is part of the EPA’s ongoing work to continuously improve public access to the information we hold.  Over the years, the EPA has progressively delivered improved access to information about its licensing and enforcement activities. 

  • Phase 1: Today’s launch of Phase 1 will provide access to EPA site inspection and monitoring reports as well as “Licensee Returns” submitted by operators. These are the main types of notifications that operators must send to demonstrate ongoing compliance with licence conditions, and include monitoring reports, site updates, requests for approval and responses to EPA instructions and Corrective Actions. It also includes Licensee Public Responses to EPA Site Visit Reports – the operators’ Right to Reply to EPA findings, and the Annual Environmental Report which summarises the operators’ compliance each year.
  • Phase 2: This is scheduled for later in 2023, and will include information on the rest of our regulatory correspondence, including details of incidents, complaints summaries, non-compliances and details of Compliance Investigations (our interventions into non-compliant operations). 

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