Deadline for TAMS Solar Grant Fast Approaching – IFA

IFA is reminding farmers that Fri, June 16th is the closing date for those intending to apply for a Department of Agriculture TAMS solar grant.

Higher farm input costs and the environmental benefits of renewables have made solar a feasible option for all farm sectors. 

Grants aid is now available at 60% on solar PV systems, up to €90,000 and 62KW. Grants are also available on solar batteries at the same rate.

James Kelly, IFA’s Director of Organisation, said, “The business case for solar is compelling. Farmers can avail of a reliable system; help reduce their input costs; and achieve an attractive payback on their capital costs”. 

“If farmers are interested in pursuing this option, applying for the TAMS solar grant makes real financial sense. The deadline of June 16th is fast approaching. If farmers have not started their application process, they should do so without delay”.

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