IFA Seeks Meeting with Road Safety Authority on Transport Rules

IFA President Francie Gorman said the Road Safety Authority has to clarify the rules around the transport of materials for construction work.

Yesterday, the Road Safety Authority published the following on their website:

“A Category W in Ireland should only be used for Agricultural or Forestry work, anyone driving Commercially e.g. Carrying stone/blocks etc for Construction work etc then they must have a Category CE or C1E and also undertake CPC training to drive professionally.”

That has now been removed from their website and the RSA says the matter is under review.

IFA Farm Family & Social Affairs chair Teresa Roche said many farmers also have agricultural contracting businesses.  At quiet times of the year, some of these may work on construction projects. A requirement for the drivers of these vehicles to gain a CE or C1E licence would add significant cost for these contractors.

Given the confusion that has been caused by placing the new regulation on their website, and then withdrawing it, the IFA will be seeking an urgent meeting with RSA.

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