INMO supports vigil to highlight injustice in case of Health Professionals in Bahrain

The verdict on the case of 20 health professionals, on trial in Bahrain, is scheduled to be announced on Thursday, 14th June 2012. They have been charged with ‘anti-state activity’ as a result of providing care to wounded civilians.   Many in the group of these health professionals, like Hassan Matoq, Emergency Nurse and Ahmed […]

INMO Secures National Women’s Council of Ireland Support for Health Professionals in Bahrain

At a meeting of the National Women’s Council of Ireland, held on Thursday, 23rd June 2011, INMO President, Sheila Dickson, put forward the following emergency motion: –           That the NWCI support the call for an independent external investigation into the arrest of the healthcare workers some of whom are Irish trained, in light of recent […]