Fuel Prices Continue Downward Trend Despite Crude Oil Bounce Back

Fuel prices have continued to trend downwards over the past month, despite increases in nationwide traffic levels and a noticeable increase in crude oil prices. According to the AA’s latest fuel price study, the cost of a litre of petrol has now fallen to the lowest level recorded by the organisation since March 2016. On […]

Fuel Prices Reach Highest Level Since March 2017 – AA

Fuel prices have hit their highest level since March 2017, recent research from AA Ireland has found. According to the motoring organisation’s latest fuel prices survey a litre of petrol currently costs 136.9c on average, up 2c since October. Meanwhile, a litre of diesel currently costs 126.1c, up 2.7c per litre on October’s prices. Both fuels are […]

Oil price falls a lot, pump price falls a little

Written by Conor Faughnan  Oil prices are falling. Crude oil is down by about 20%  since June 2014 which has a lot of people wondering why pump prices haven’t decreased in the same manner. The answer? Mainly, tax. However the Euro has also weakened against the dollar, taking away some of the gains, and European wholesale […]

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